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How to lighten a wig by Rirukuo How to lighten a wig :iconrirukuo:Rirukuo 1,739 211 Nations of the World by FeatherWings1638 Nations of the World :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 12 20 And Yet Somehow, Life Goes On... by FeatherWings1638 And Yet Somehow, Life Goes On... :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 9 42 Full Skirt Tutorial by Kapalaka Full Skirt Tutorial :iconkapalaka:Kapalaka 1,263 94 Hetalia Day 2013 by srcpcsoha Hetalia Day 2013 :iconsrcpcsoha:srcpcsoha 21 58
If I were to look back now, I can remember when he found me... A long time ago, when poverty had hit me like a wave, my people were all around me, falling... And then, he came. It was a cold, rainy night, and I was wondering the streets. The families around me were going hungry, and I couldn't take it any more. All I could think was, ''Why me? Why did I have to take on such hardship and be born as 'Liechtenstein'?'' And then I was failing. I collapsed on the street, dirty and wet. I knew that as I laid there for the last time, I was going to die. I would probably be taken over by another country, and soon after disappear. But no... That's when a shadow lay across me, blocking the rain. As I looked... Well I could only stare. A boy, maybe a few years older then I, stood with a shot gun in his hands to protect himself. "Liechtenstein?" he asked. I only nodded. But, my hero stood, blond hair and kind green eyes. "Liechtenstein, my name is Switzerland. I've come to help." Since then, he be
:iconhighwind-sniper:Highwind-Sniper 35 27
Belarus Monologue
Why won't you look at me?
What did I do wrong?
I said I was sorry!
You know I regret it.
I was so scared after I left you!
You had also abandoned me as well.
I just couldn't take you leaving!
I didn't know how else to ensure you would never leave me!
That was the only way I could think of!
I never really meant it!
I'm not really like that!
You know that!
I'm not the only one at blame, though.
You were just as crazy as I was back then!
You were a sadistic monster who was just as clingy to those three boys as I was to you!
You were a horrible demon that everyone feared!
So many still fear you, and hate you, and despise you, and despise me.
Oh brother, I'm so sorry for what I did.
I'm so sorry.
I can never undo it.
Please, brother, open your eyes.
Please, breathe again.
Please, don't leave me!
I'll be good!
I won't be crazy!
I'll be the perfect little sister, just please open your eyes!
Please, don't leave me!
Oh, brother, I didn't mean to.
Oh, brother, I'm so sorry.
Oh, brother, I love y
:iconphoenixfireespada:PhoenixFireEspada 7 6
Hetalia Day Preparations!
My apologies for the wait; while I was going to make this journal days earlier, other things kept nudging their way into my mind, rendering me as about as useful as N. Italy at 4:00. :iconitalysulkplz:
All lateness aside, I wanna start off by suggesting two upcoming events as possible 'informal' meet-ups:
August 24th - 25th ==> Festival of Nations:
August 31st - Sept. 2 ==> Japanese Festival:
Once again ( as in last year I believe I had written a journal about these two events as well ), I will be working at both these events myself, so if you do plan on going to one of these places, keep an eye out for a Gilbird~! Also, for anyone into pokemon, I'll be working at the face painting stand on Sept. 1st during the Japanese Fest with a few buddies, and we'll be willing to try and paint your favorite pokemon on your face, Gen 1- Gen 6 ( whatever pokemon are
:iconst-louis-hetalia:St-Louis-Hetalia 5 46
Prussian barmaid by Go-Devil-Dante Prussian barmaid :icongo-devil-dante:Go-Devil-Dante 2,736 292 Klavier's New Style. by TangentialX Klavier's New Style. :icontangentialx:TangentialX 428 125 Tiger by wolffoxin Tiger :iconwolffoxin:wolffoxin 51 28 Nordics + Sealand by FeatherWings1638 Nordics + Sealand :iconfeatherwings1638:FeatherWings1638 9 23 Anime StL 2013 Hetalia! by NatalieCosplay Anime StL 2013 Hetalia! :iconnataliecosplay:NatalieCosplay 16 46 Sea-Russia by FionnasScribbles Sea-Russia :iconfionnasscribbles:FionnasScribbles 4 7 Pirate England - Hetalia by tinfoil-rinjii Pirate England - Hetalia :icontinfoil-rinjii:tinfoil-rinjii 12 23
Important Hetalia facts, anyone? I'm bored~ xD
So, I'm like, incredibly bored. So, I (Being the no-life and Hetalia obsessed fangirl I am~) would like to share some Hetalia knowledge that most of you probably already know, but I have come across a few that don't. SO, for those of you who don't know a lot about Hetalia, I'd be more than happy to share some facts I picked up from various wiki's, and the actually web-comic itself. ^ 3 ^
Part 1: Hair Curls/E-zones
I feel as though the hair curls  and E-zones thing is the most important matter to discuss with people. I can't even tell you how many times people have gone up to me (Not literally, but you catch my drift) and said "America's cowlick is his E-zone." I usually just say, "Oh~ I didn't know that!", when in reality, I knew full well that this was not the case.
Also, I'd like to point out that some Authors here on DeviantART like to use the 'Hair Curl E-zone' thing to make their writing more fun. I'm totally fine with that. I'm not trying to bash on anyone's crea
:iconazurekit:AzureKit 148 318



I need to get on DA more...

But ASTL's in a little more than a week! (I have so much to do... where did the time go?) I'm pretty excited for that.

Hm... And I'm already listening to Eurovision songs for this year. (Just a little more than a month to go!)

To be honest, I just want school to be over with. I'll finally have some more time for myself, and work on the endless list of cosplays I want to finish before the summer ends.

I hope you guys are having a good time.

Bis Bald!


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